Website Preparation Questions

Feel free to work with them in any way that serves your own personal process. Maybe you meditate, draw, or get crafty to get your creative juices flowing and then write, write and write. Once you start writing, please don’t worry about saying anything perfectly, just write what you are thinking in point form notes, run on sentences or thoughts that sprout into new thoughts. We can polish it later. First, pour your heart into your words. Also, if it is helpful, you can draw layouts and ideas and the send me picture. 

  1. What do you want your site address to be? Do you already own it? (ex. 

  2. Do you want special emails with your web address (a.k.a. domain name)? (ex.

  3. What kind of font would you like your name in? Check out (free) or (paid) for ideas.

  4. What kind of fonts would you like for the rest of the site. You can use these fonts for free in Squarespace.

  5. What kind of colours would you like? Screenshot images and websites with colors that you love and save them!

  6. Do you have an offering like a free 15 minute consultation? Or anything else that you want to highlight?

  7. Do you want to connect to any social media?

  8. Please send me the photos you would like to use for your site. you can find a lot of awesome photos for free on Unsplash. It’s also worth considering hiring a photographer to do a photoshoot so that people can get to know YOU! In most case good photography will bring your site to life.

  9. Please send me any websites that you love the look and feel of.

  10. Check out these templates and let me know if you are drawn to any of them.

  11. Please review the square space pricing plan for a personal website and confirm that you are okay with this amount.

  12. What pages would you like to have on your site? (ex. home, about, services, contact).

  13. Tell me what you would like your email template to look like. What needs to be in every email? (Please send me your login info for you email marketing provider).

    • How often would  you like to send out an email?

    • What would you like to say in a email when someone first signs up for you site?

  14. Are there any other elements that we need to find or create?

  15. Anything I missed? Any must haves that we didn't cover? Any "whatever you do don't do that"?

Please send these things to me via email or share a folder with me in google drive or dropbox, whatever works best for you! My email is